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Give Books & Reading Opportunities to the ones
Who really needed

Majority of Thai children live in poverty and face limited to access to books and reading. Only with helping hands; they would bring to them reality of reading opportunities, help them to ensure possible in education that will chances to get out of poverty circle.

5 Books for 1 Kids
10,000 Books for
2,000 Kids
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Who We Are

TWA is an educators’ organisation, therefore the association’s aims and objectives is to be part of educational development in the country.  The Association was established in 1998 based on international support such as the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Netherlands and Ecoles sans Frontieres, a French National non-profit working on Adult Education Programs in different countries in Asia during 1980-1995.  

As we all aware that Early Child Eduction is so crucial to longterm human resource development. Tai Wisdom Association was aiming to take part in the issue since various studies indicate that 80% of young children in Thailand needing support in all aspects.

What We Have Done

Twenty years ago there were hardly any children books, children were never read to, and in the poorer areas where both parents had to work long days to try to make a living, the young children were often dropped at childcare centers who had hardly any resources available. Through education of the public, set up of libraries, training of teachers, lobbying in government, Thailand changed its idea that young children don’t only needed to be fed and clothed, but that it is very important to encourage them to start reading at a very young age, and to start learning through literature. 

Today Thailand is a country that fully supports early reading, children’s libraries and children books. The TWA commenced through many innovative ways projects to promote reading and to educate their nation about children literature. As a result we now can see many organizations supporting and acknowledging this philosophy, media covering a variety of stories regarding the importance of children’s reading and children’s literature, and children reading and enjoying books.

Join With Us

Supporting Reading Activities

Provide support to all type of sector involved; private, government and international organisation.

Experienced Organisation

TWA experimented and learn upon various forms and designs of reading-based child development activities on both urban and rural context.

Training Courses

Conduct various training courses for teachers. care-givers, parents and government officers on reading promotion and project implementation.