Current Programs

Over the past two decades, the Tai Wisdom Association (TWA) has been at the forefront of promoting children’s literacy in Thailand. Established in 1998 with support from international entities such as the Bernard van Leer Foundation and Ecoles sans Frontieres, TWA has dedicated itself to enhancing children’s reading skills. They have successfully transformed attitudes and awareness toward reading in a nation that previously had little tradition of children’s literature, while also making books accessible to hundreds of thousands of young readers. 

TWA has played a pivotal role in enabling numerous organizations to participate in this cultural transformation through a range of project designs. Additionally, TWA has provided comprehensive training for caregivers and teachers, along with advisory services for educators, local government, and policymakers.

From its inception, TWA has directed its efforts toward early childhood education, offering well-crafted reading programs for preschoolers, establishing family libraries,  provide support todaycare centers and state-run schools. 

As time progressed, TWA expanded its scope to actively address literacy challenges faced by educators and schools, particularly in rural areas. They focus on supporting small schools grappling with inadequate reading skills among rural children, given the widespread prevalence of reading difficulties in Thailand. 

Currently, TWA is deeply involved in aiding small schools situated in rural communities to combat reading problems, providing training sessions, technical assistance, and sourcing quality reading materials to foster a passion for reading and improve literacy among children. TWA staunchly believes in and continues to pursue various approaches and reading activities to ensure the educational and lifelong success of Thai children.

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Key Achievements:

• Pioneered the establishment of children’s libraries across Thailand, in communities, public park Buddist temple, childcare centres, schools and governmental offices. 

• Implemented variety of innovative reading programs in over 1,200 schools and childcare centers

• Designed and operated mobile library buses, book-bikes, book-houses and relocatable mini libraries

• Nominated twice for the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (2007, 2014)


Our Impact:

• Made books accessible to hundreds of thousands of young readers

• Transformed cultural attitudes towards reading for children

• Provided comprehensive training for caregivers and teachers

• Offered advisory services to educators, local governments, and policymakers


Innovative Approaches:

• Community-based reading projects

  • School-based reading development for children of all age
  • Relocatable mini-libraries in public parks and underserved areas
  • One-on-one read-aloud projects in rural poor villages


We collaborate with government ministries, universities, international foundations, and local schools and local government to maximize our reach and impact.


Join us in our mission to empower Thailand’s children through the joy of reading. Together, we can build a brighter future, one book at a time.