Reading Coach

It’s widely acknowledged that Thai children across all grade levels are grappling with reading difficulties. Recent official statistics indicate that this struggle affects up to 70% of schoolchildren. Consequently, there’s a clear need for specialized support and dedicated teachers’ assistance to help them navigate these challenges. Addressing these basic reading obstacles is crucial for their future success in both career development and meeting minimum learning standards in secondary education.

To tackle this issue, the reading coach program was launched. Its aim is to support struggling readers across all grade levels, enabling them to keep pace with their peers and fostering a love for independent reading in their preferred genres.

The success of this program is largely attributed to the commitment of teachers who dedicate a daily one-hour session to employing both read-aloud techniques and utilizing Thai-level books, which have been somewhat neglected by educational authorities.

Our efforts extend beyond individual schools; we provide support to teachers through coaching methodologies, reading materials, and evaluations of each student’s progress. This approach not only helps teachers within the same school to learn and improve their own performance but also enhances students’ reading and writing skills, thereby positively impacting overall school performance.